Updated 23 September 2019



Yandex.Browser is inspired by Blink, Chromium, Opera Turbo and other software projects. At the date of this manual, only a beta version of Yandex.Browser is available. Linux packages in DEB and RPM formats are available for download at,

This browser is not yet included in the official repositories, but it can be installed from the developer's overlay.

To install it, you can used standard tools, that are well described in Gentoo/Calculate manuals.

  • layman, an overlay management tool;
  • emerge, a command-line package management interface.


First of all, update your local repository to make the latest versions available:

cl-update --sync-only

Before adding the overlay, you can check which Yandex packages do come in the official repositories:

eix yandex

* net-misc/yandex-disk
     Available versions:
     Description:              CLI to access Yandex Disk file storage service

Now check for the existing overlay:

layman -l

This command will return a list of all overlays present in the system. If yandex is among them, synchronize it with the server (i.e., update):

layman -s yandex

If yandex is not on the list yet, add it:

layman -a yandex

This command asks confirmation for adding this overlay, warning that it is not official software. Confirm by pressing +Y (mind that you should never forget to back up your data).

The following command allows you to view detailed overlay information:

layman -i yandex

Update the local list of packages to add the packages found in yandex:


After the update, additional packages from the overlay will appear among the yandex packages provided in the official repositories:

eix yandex

* net-misc/yandex-disk
     Available versions:
     Home page:
     Description:              CLI to access Yandex Disk file storage service

* www-client/yandex-browser-beta [1]
     Available versions:      ~^msd {ffmpeg-codecs KERNEL="linux" L10N="+cs +de +en-US +es +fr +it +ja +pt-BR +pt-PT +ru +tr +uk +zh-CN +zh-TW"}
     Home page:
     Description:              The web browser from Yandex

* www-plugins/yandex-browser-ffmpeg-codecs [1]
     Available versions:      ~72.0.3626.121^md {+component-build pic +proprietary-codecs pulseaudio x86? KERNEL="linux"}
     Home page:
     Description:              Multi-threaded ffmpeg codecs needed for the HTML5 <audio> and <video> tags

[1] "yandex" /var/lib/layman/yandex
Found 3 matches.


The installer will refer to server '' to upload the 'www-client/yandex-browser-beta-' package (see the output of 'eix yandex'), then unpack it and install the browser. If there is no required version of the package on the server, the installer will return an error. It might, therefore, make sense to compare the local versions to those found on the Yandex server. If the local package is older than the one on the server, you should wait for a newer version of the 'yandex' overlay to be made available.

Now install as usual.

First, unmask the package:

emerge --autounmask-write www-client/yandex-browser-beta

Make sure that /etc/portage/package.keywords/ is not empty, else run:

touch /etc/portage/package.keywords/custom

Update the settings:

   >> (1 of 1) -- /etc/portage/package.keywords/custom
   >> q quit, h help, n next, e edit-new, z zap-new, u use-new
      m merge, t toggle-merge, l look-merge: 

The dispatch-conf command will prompt you to submit changes to the configuration files:

Press u (use new).

You can install the package now:

emerge -a www-client/yandex-browser-beta

The corresponding icon will appear in the menu. Your new browser will look somewhat like this:

Yandex browser

Enabling multimedia support

For the browser to be completely operating, you will need an additional package called www-plugins/yandex-browser-ffmpeg-codecs, containing all multimedia decoders. To install it, do as explained above:

emerge --autounmask-write www-plugins/yandex-browser-ffmpeg-codecs

touch /etc/portage/package.keywords/custom



Beware if you have a low-performance computer, as compiling the www-plugins/yandex-browser-ffmpeg-codecs package takes time and load.

Updating the browser

To update your Yandex browser, simply run:

layman -s yandex

emerge -aU www-client/yandex-browser-beta