Installation sur un disque dur

Updated 26 Décembre 2019

Once you have booted Calculate Linux from a Live USB, you can install it on your hard drive. To do so, simply click on the "Installing Calculate Linux" icon on your desktop.

Icône de lancement

La fenêtre d'installation est divisée en deux. Dans la partie de droite, vous pouvez sélectionner les options d'installation et passer d'une section à l'autre. Dans la partie de gauche, les noms des partitions sont listés. Vous pouvez utiliser le clavier ou le menu pour sélectionner une section. Toutes les sections sont expliquées ci-dessous.

Langue et lieu

Sélectionnez la langue du système et le fuseau horaire. Vous avez le choix entre 38 langues. La langue que vous avez choisie sera appliquée au moment de l'installation.

Langue et locale

Sélection de la saveur

Par défaut, le programme d'installation choisit le Live USB à partir duquel vous avez démarré. You might also want to specify another bootable Calculate Linux ISO image that you would have loaded.

Выбор дистрибутива

Type d'installation

Depending on whether you want to delete all data from the disk and install Calculate Linux on new partitions or use existing partitions to install, select either "Clean disk and install Calculate Linux" or "Use existing partitions".

If you choose the first option, click on the dropdown menu to select partitioning options. Here you will see the partitions to be created. See [here] (disk_partitioning) to learn more about the disk partitioning scheme that we suggest.

Type d'installation

Partitionnement de disque

If you want to install on existing partitions, specify them for your Calculate Linux installation. If you chose to install on an empty disk, at this point you can only check the partition table.

Note that the third partition reserved for updates will not be displayed there, because it is not mounted. Besides, the table does not display the fourth "BIOS Boot" partition, required by the bootloader when using the default GPT partition table.

Partitionnement du disque

Paramètres réseau

In this section, choose between NetworkManager and OpenRC to manage your connections and edit your network settings. If you have a desktop computer, we recommend using OpenRC for its functionality combined with low system load. Networkmanager is a better choice for notebook, as it comes with a graphical interface for establishing WiFi connections in a more user-friendly way.

Сетевые настройки


Here you must specify all the users bound to have access to the system, together with the privileges that will be granted them. The root password must be specified in the same window. Check the advanced settings for home directory encryption options.


In addition to assigning access groups, you can specify additional administrative rights here. There are two options in the "Administrator" field for this purpose: "System update" and "Full access". System update enables notifications about the available software and system updates. Full access adds the user to the "su" and "sudo" groups to grant them password-protected superuser rights with the sudo tool.

Права доступа


You can choose between ALSA and PulseAudio. Use ALSA if you want to reduce your processing overhead and get the best possible sound quality. PulseAudio is a better choice if you use pluggable USB speakers, as it provides easy sound switching.



In the video settings, you can select the Nvidia proprietary driver, switch between the graphical and the text version of Grub. The screen resolution is most likely to be determined correctly from the start.


Mise à jour

Calculate Linux est une distribution à diffusion continue (rolling release). That is, if you update your system regularly, you will always get the latest software versions. By default, your software is updated every 24 hours. In any case, we recommend that you check for updates at least once a month.


Démarrer l'installation

Before installing Calculate Linux, make sure that all settings are correct. If not, go back to the relevant section and edit. If everything looks OK, just click on "Run" for the installation to start.

Начать установку