Listes des applications

Updated 2 Août 2019


  • [PhpMyAdmin] (phpmyadmin) is a Web interface for MySQL database administration


Connection management

Network manager

  • DHCP is a network protocol that allows computers to automatically obtain an IP and other parameters necessary for working in a TCP/IP network

VPN client

  • OpenVPN is a free implementation of open source virtual private network (VPN) technology

Web browser

  • Firefox
    is a Gecko powered browser developed and distributed by Mozilla Corporation

  • Yandex.Browser
    derives from Blink, Chromium, Opera Turbo and some other software projects

Web server

  • Nginx is a Web and proxy mail server running on a Unix-like system

Instant messaging server

  • Synapse is a reference implementation of the Matrix server developed by the team and written in Python 2/Twisted

Working with documents

  • Collabora Online is an office suite based on LibreOffice with collaborative editing

Social media


  • Discourse is an open-source Web forum and a mailing list manager

File exchange

Cloud server

  • Nextcloud / Working with Nextcloud
    is a Web application for data synchronization, file sharing and managing clouds

  • Funkwhale
    is a musical server that allows you to listen to and exchange music on in a distributed, open network


  • Gitolite is a tool to setup Git hosting on a central server for collaborative development


  • Eix is a set of utilities for searching, diffing and updating binary cache in your local repository


  • QEMU is a free and open-source application that enables your computer to run a variety of guest operating systems

Data storage

  • MariaDB is a fork in the MySQL database management system. It is developed by the community under the GNU GPL license
  • PostgreSQL is a free relational database management system (RDBMS)


Network security

  • Iptables
    is a command line tool. It is the standard interface for firewall management in Linux.

  • Let's Encrypt
    is a certificate authority that provides free X.509 certificates for TLS encryption (HTTPS)

  • Shorewall
    is a tool that allows to configure a firewall in Linux


  • Rsnapshot is a rsync tool written in Perl and used for backup purposes