About Calculate Linux

Updated 4 October 2018

Calculate Linux is an optimized distribution designed for fast installation in corporate environment. It is based on Gentoo, but also provides a number of preconfigured features.


For corporate use

  • A ready client-server solution;
  • Fastly deployable in a corporate environment, to be installed from DVD, USB or PXE;
  • Perfect for mixed networks: Calculate Linux Deskop and MS Windows users can share any Calculate Directory Server resources.
  • Can be easily customized, including the out-of-box software and settings;
  • Local or distant system management with Calculate Utilities.

For gurus

  • 100% compatible with Gentoo;
  • Rolling-release updates : only well tested packages are included;
  • A repository of binaries for each flavour, compiled with the optimized dependencies;
  • Can be installed either on a USB-Flash or a USB-HDD device with a ext4, ext3, ext2, reiserfs, btrfs, xfs, jfs or fat32 filesystem;
  • Calculate Utilities for developing your own distribution or modifying an available version of CL.

Calculate Linux comes in desktop flavours for installing on personal computers and notebooks, a server version, some for building a customized CL and also some for LXC/LXD installation. CL are distributed as bootable LiveCD images that can be used to install on a HDD or a USB Flash device.