Updated 8 March 2019

What is a license / a licensing agreement

A software license is an agreement between the user and the software manufacturer that specifies the user's rights regarding the use of the software. There is no concept of "license" in Russian legislation, instead of it "license agreement" (part 4 of the Civil Code) is used. In software development, an adhesion agreement would be typically signed, which does not have to be established in written form. By using the program, the user automatically accepts the terms of the agreement and must adhere to it.

Free licenses

  • Permission to run the program and use it for any purposes;
  • Permission to study and adapt the program;
  • Permission to copy and distribute the program free of charge or for a fee;
  • Permission to develop and improve the program.

The most used free software licenses are GPL, MPL, BSD, and Apache.

Text of the Licensing Agreement

As the license is a contract, the text of the license is not defined by law. The software manufacturer can write it themself or use an existing license. Calculate recommends a text featuring the four free software permissions.

Licensing Agreement

for the operating system and the software developed by Calculate Ltd.

1. Definitions

1.1 Parties involved

This Licensing Agreement is an agreement between Mir Calculate Ltd., owning the rights to the Calculate Linux software (hereinafter referred to as the DISTRIBUTION) and you as a DISTRIBUTION user.

1.2 Subject of the Agreement

The present Licensing Agreement defines the user's rights to install, run and use the DISTRIBUTION, as well as individual SOFTWARE included in it (hereinafter referred to as the SOFTWARE) and other results of intellectual work and means of individualization in the amount specified in this Agreement.

1.3 Agreement conclusion terms

This license agreement is an adhesion agreement and is not to be done in written form. The use of the DISTRIBUTION as specified in this Agreement shall mean the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Agreement and shall result in the conclusion of the Agreement.

2. DISTRIBUTION user rights


Regardless of the terms and conditions of license agreements for individual SOFTWARE included in the DISTRIBUTION, the user of the DISTRIBUTION is entitled to:

  • Install, run and use the DISTRIBUTION for any purpose at their choice on an unlimited number of computers;
  • Create and distribute copies of the DISTRIBUTION, with no right to sell or distribute under the Calculate Linux trademark.

2.2 Use of free software included in DISTRIBUTION

All SOFTWARE included in the DISTRIBUTION, except those listed in Article 2.3 of the present Agreement, are licensed as FREE SOFTWARE and come with license agreements that grant the user, in addition to the rights listed in Article 2.1 of the Agreement, the following non-exclusive rights, valid in any country, for an indefinite period of time and free of charge:

  • The right to use the SOFTWARE (copies of the SOFTWARE) on an unlimited number of computers for any purpose;
  • The right to modify the SOFTWARE and to publish and distribute modifications for free or against payment (at the user's discretion) under the terms of the original SOFTWARE license;
  • The right to transfer the SOFTWARE to third parties for free or against payment (at your discretion) without any royalties to the copyright holders;
  • The right to obtain and study the source codes of SOFTWARE with no restrictions.

At the user's request, Mir Calculate Ltd. shall provide the source code of any FREE SOFTWARE included in the DISTRIBUTION against a payment that does not exceed the cost of its delivery, for a period of three years from the beginning of this contract.

2.3 Usage of proprietary software included in DISTRIBUTION

The following SOFTWARE is distributed by Mir Calculate Ltd. on conditions different from those stipulated in Article 2.2 of the Agreement:

  • WiFi firmware for Intel cards
  • NVIDIA video drivers
  • Matrox video drivers
  • VIA video drivers
  • NVIDIA NForce chipset drivers
  • pct789 (PCTel), cm8738, i8xx, sis, and via686a modem drivers
  • Promise IDE/RAID controller drivers
  • Lucent/Agere modem support modules
  • Adobe Flash Player Plugin
  • Java 2 (SUN) Runtime Environment, Standard Edition

The holders of exclusive rights to the listed SOFTWARE restrict the usage of these SOFTWARE separately from the DISTRIBUTION. If any of those SOFTWARE are used separately from the DISTRIBUTION, the user should refer to their respective license agreements to ascertain that their intended use is appropriate.

2.4 Usage of DISTRIBUTION design and texts on its cover or box

The rights of Mir Calculate Ltd. on the DISTRIBUTION design and the texts on its cover or box are protected by copyright laws, trademarks and industrial designs. Using them in ways that, in accordance with applicable, law require exclusive rights is only possible with the written consent of Mir Calculate Ltd.

2.5 Other rights

The copyright, name and other personal non-property rights of the author, which are inalienable under applicable national laws, or not granted to user by applicable laws or license agreements for individual SOFTWARE included in the DISTRIBUTION, are retained by their owners and are not granted to DISTRIBUTION user.

2.6 Usage report for DISTRIBUTION

Mir Calculate Ltd. does not require any usage reports from the DISTRIBUTION users.

3. Liabilities

The copyright of the SOFTWARE included in the DISTRIBUTION, including the exclusive right to authorize the use of SOFTWARE, is protected by applicable copyright law, including applicable international copyright treaties. All responsibility for compliance with national laws when using the SOFTWARE included in the DISTRIBUTION rests with the user.

Mir Calculate Ltd. guarantees replacement of the original DISTRIBUTION media if the latter is found to be defective.

Mir Calculate Ltd. hopes that the SOFTWARE included in the DISTRIBUTION will be useful, but does not guarantee their suitability for any particular purpose nor their quality (including the absence of errors or compliance with standards), and is not liable for possible damage, direct or indirect, incurred as a result of using these SOFTWARE.

The obligations of Mir Calculate Ltd. for the technical support of DISTRIBUTION users are listed in the technical support coupon and can be extended by an additional agreement.

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