Contribute to Calculate

Updated 25 September 2018

Create a mirror

If you have a server with good bandwidth, you can help us promoting Calculate Linux. We maintain several types of mirrors. To list them, run:

rsync rsync://

grp             The snapshot of prebuilt packages
calculate       Releases and GRP
calculate-all   Releases, nightly images, container and GRP
testing         The snapshot of prebuilt test packages

Types of mirrors

  • Binary updates:
    rsync:// (~60 Gb)
  • The main mirror. Includes Calculate releases and binary "grp" updates:
    rsync:// (~80 Gb)
  • The extended mirror. Includes nightly releases, "calculate" releases and binary "grp" updates:
    rsync:// (~140 Gb)
  • Testing binary updates:
    rsync:// (~60 Gb)

When allocating space on your server, mind the periodic load growth at release and update times. The recommended update interval for "grp", "calculate" and "calculate-all" is once or twice a day, two or three times a day for "testing".

Please contact us if you have set up a Calculate Linux mirror: