LDAP Server Configuration



LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a network protocol to access the directory service. LDAP is a rather simple protocol using TCP/IP and allowing for 'bind', 'search' and 'compare' operations, as well as for adding, modifying or removing entries. A LDAP server usually listens to incoming connections on port 389 using the TCP or UDP protocol. For SSL encapsulated LDAP sessions, port 636 is generally used.


We use OpenLDAP in Calculate Directory Server. To configure a LDAP server, Calculate Utilities from sys-apps/calculate-server are used.

Please run:

cl-setup ldap
* WARNING: Running this program will modify the configuration files and the LDAP database. 
If you wish to continue, enter 'yes', otherwise enter 'no': yes 

* LDAP database cleared ... 
* ldif file added ... 
* LDAP service configured ... 

The utility will configure the LDAP server, start it and add to autostart.


Please note that the database will be overwritten when executing the command. If you have been working with your LDAP server, do not forget to make a snapshot of your data.

All service passwords to LDAP will be saved in /etc/calculate/calculate.ldap.