Adding user accounts


When you have installed Calculate Linux Desktop, the user present on the system by default is guest. Use the guest account to get familiar with Calculate.

You can edit the guest password any time with the passwd command. Distant access (via ssh) is allowed only for root though.

Adding a user

Permissions to system devices are defined using groups. For example, you can restrict access to CD / DVD-drive, sound card, scanner or even games. To add the necessary access rights, add the user in the corresponding system groups.

For security reasons, root is not allowed to work in a graphical environment. Therefore, you have to switch to the command line by hitting Ctrl + Alt + F1 when you need to manage accounts. When prompted for a login, enter root++, then the password. Now run the following:

useradd --create-home --groups users,wheel,audio,cdrom,video,cdrw,usb,plugdev,games,lp,scanner,uucp [HTML_REMOVED]


Replace [HTML_REMOVED] with any string of Latin letters and numbers.


Whenever you add a user account, do not create a home directory for them. Normally, it is automatically created based on the user's individual template.

In the example above, you create a user with access rights to several groups:

  • users provides access for the network manager;
  • wheel allows getting root privileges with su;
  • audio gives access to the audio card,
  • cdrom, to the CD/DVD drive,
  • video, to the TV tuner;
  • cdrw allows to write to CD/DVD media;
  • usb grants access to mp3 players, Flash drives, including in Virtualbox;
  • plugdev allows to mount USB media;
  • games makes gaming accessible;
  • scanner enables to scan documents;
  • lp gives access to a printer or a MFP-integrated scanner;
  • uucp allows to use a modem.

To return to the graphical password prompt, exit the session with the exit command, or by hitting Ctrl + D. To return to the graphical session, press Alt + F7.

Editing access privileges

To add an existing user to a group, use the gpasswd command. Example: add a user to the games group:

gpasswd -a [HTML_REMOVED] games

The group access rights are stored in /etc/group.

Transferring users

Should you install or reinstall Calculate Linux from a running Linux system, all users will be copied to the new system with their access rights. It will only be necessary to re-assign passwords to them using the passwd utility, as described above.