Updated 20 April 2019


Matrix is an open, free protocol for distributed real-time networking. It can be used for instant messaging, audio and video calls via WebRTC, the Internet of Things, and anything else that may require a standard HTTP API to publish and subscribe while keeping track of your communication history.


Matrix is a federated, or distributed media. You can either [set up your own server] (synapse) or register with any other server that provides this service, such as To register online, connect to the site under your login and password and go to [your profile] ( In the Matrix section, check the box next to "Account" and enter your password:

Click on the "+Modify" button at the bottom to apply the changes.

The official Riot client is available in the Calculate Linux repository. To install it, simply run:

emerge -a riot-web

After starting the application, click on Change to specify the authentication server:

Now enter the URLs of and of the authentication server Press Next:

Go back to the first window to specify the login and password.

Once the client is up and running, you can access any of the available server chats by clicking on the "+"+" icon:

To get the list of available rooms on the server, click on it:

Server configuration

Setting up your own server may help get your communication more open and flexible. You will still be able to communicate with other users on the network, but also to [bridge] (matrix_bridges) your Matrix server to other messengers. To learn how to configure a server, refer to the manual link in the header.