List of applications

Updated 20 April 2022


  • PhpMyAdmin is a Web interface for MySQL database administration


Connection management

Network manager

  • DHCP is a network protocol that allows computers to automatically obtain an IP and other parameters necessary for working in a TCP/IP network

VPN client

  • OpenVPN
    is a free implementation of the open source VPN technology

  • WireGuard
    is a very simple but fast VPN, using the latest encryption algorithms

Web browser

  • Firefox is a browser based on Gecko, developed and distributed by Mozilla Corporation

Web server

  • Nginx is a Web and proxy mail server running on a Unix-like system

Instant messaging server

  • Prosŏdy
    a modern XMPP messaging server, aimed at easy setup and efficient use of system resources

  • Synapse
    a master implementation of the Matrix server, developed by the team and written in Python/Twisted

Working with documents

  • Collabora Online is an office suite based on LibreOffice with collaborative editing

Social media

Web conferencing


  • Discourse is an open-source Web forum and a mailing list manager


  • Rocket.Chat
    is an open source messenger, with in-built support for group chats, file exchange, video conferencing, bots, and much more

  • KiwiIRC
    is a powerful Web IRC client


  • TURN
    is a protocol that allows a host protected by a NAT or a firewall to receive incoming data using TCP or UDP connections


File exchange

Cloud server


  • Gitea
    is a lightweight host solution for Git users

  • Gitolite
    allows to setup Git hosting on a central server


  • Eix
    is a set of tools for search, diffs and binary cache update based on your local tree

  • Tmux
    tmux is an open terminal multiplexer


  • Zabbix](zabbix) is a free system for monitoring and status tracking of network services, servers and network equipment.


  • QEMU is a free and open-source application that enables your computer to run a variety of guest operating systems

Data storage

  • MariaDB is a fork in the MySQL database management system. It is developed by the community under the GNU GPL license
  • PostgreSQL is a free relational database management system (RDBMS)


Network security

  • Iptables
    is a command line tool. It is the standard interface for firewall management in Linux.

  • Let's Encrypt
    is a certificate authority that provides free X.509 certificates for TLS encryption (HTTPS)

  • Shorewall
    is a tool that allows to configure a firewall in Linux