Updated 14 April 2021



Roundcube is a Web-based email client written in PHP using JavaScript, CSS, HTML and AJAX. It can be installed on almost any server with PHP version 5.4.0 or higher, and use MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MSSQL or Oracle Database. It supports IMAP and SMTP mailbox functionality.

Setup of LXC container

We recommend that you install Roundcube in a separate container and configure it as described in the manual.

Installing and configuring Nginx

Install and configure an Nginx webserver and configure PHP-FPM according to the manual.

Installing and configuring PostgreSQL

Install and configure PostgreSQL, as explained in the manual. Replace dbtest with roundcubemail, and test with roundcube

Installing and configuring Roundcube

Install Roundcube:

emerge -a mail-client/roundcube

Basic Roundcube setup

Move Roundcube to your Web server:

mkdir -p /var/calculate/www/

cp -r /usr/share/webapps/roundcube/1.4.11/htdocs /var/calculate/www/

Using the web interface for configuration

To complete your Roundcube configuration via the Web interface, do so at the following address

Roundcube setup

Specify the connection parameters for the mail server and the database:

Roundcube mail server and database connection setup

Ask for setting generation:

Roundcube configuration

Copy them to:


Once the Roundcube setup is completed, delete /var/calculate/www/ as this folder contains confidential server settings data.

Open in your Web browser. For authentication in Roundcube, use your mailserver login and password:

Roundcube authentication